Classic Memorial Benches

We have some fantastic techniques to offer in order to personalise your memorial bench and make it truly unique.
We can work from an image or drawing that you provide or you can allow us to design something for you at no extra cost. We'll then provide a full photo preview of how it will look on your chosen memorial bench design for your approval.

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Fine Wood engravings

Wood engraving can be done on any part of any bench and look particularly splendid on the wide centre panels of our Woodsman and Classic II designs.

Wood Engraving

We normally run a little wood dye into wood engravings to make them stand out. When the design is very intricate, we inlay black epoxy resin which sets like stone and is sanded smooth to the surface of the wood. This 'fixes' the design and keeps it safe from chipping or damage. These techniques are weatherproof, permanent and designed to last the lifetime of the bench. Please see our gallery of work for more examples of our wood engravings.

Traditional Wood Carvings

Our craftsmen can carve something wonderful for you by working from an image that you provide or by interpreting an idea you may have.

Wood Carving


Resin Inlay Designs

Using our special colour resin inlay technique it's possible for us to create beautiful colour designs that are fade resistant, weatherproof and permanent.

For each colour, a recess is carved into the timber to a depth of about 4mm and inlaid with the resin which cures and sets like stone. The process is repeated for each colour in turn and when complete, the whole thing is sanded beautifully smooth to the surface of the wood to reveal a pristine representation of the original image.

Resin inlay memorial

The Blessed Virgin Mary above is a 16 colour resin inlay design which will last for the lifetime of the bench.

Many more examples in our Gallery of work

Photo Carvings

By using a combination of sophisticated software and a very fine V shaped cutter in a CNC machine, we're able to faithfully reproduce your photograph on the wood.

 Lines are carved deeply for the shadows and finely for the highlights of the image. The design is then flooded with black epoxy resin which soaks into the lines and once cured, is carefully sanded away to reveal the image. The design will never fade, is weatherproof and permanent.

Photo Carving

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