Classic Memorial Benches

The Classic Range of Memorial Benches

Classic benches are heavyweight, hand built and designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor life. We favour prime grade oak because of its density, resistance to decay and of course it's beautiful grain pattern.

Generous timber sections are used on all designs. Typically on a hardwood bench, the seat and back slats can be rather slender, but because the seat slats are the parts of the bench that receive the most wear and tear, we make them thick enough to last as long as the rails and legs. High quality resin glue, as used in the boat building industry and stainless steel screws are used to secure chunky mortice and tenon joints. Deep screw holes are then plugged with oak dowels and hand-shaved flush.
All of these details ensure many years of active service.

Classic I
Classic 1 memorial bench


Classic Forester
Classic 1 long memorial bench

Classic II
Classic 2 commemorative bench

  Classic III
Classic 3 memorial bench

Classic IV
Classic 4 memorial bench


Classic Woodsman
Woodsman memorial bench

Classic Sweetheart
Sweetheart memorial bench


 Classic Sunshine
Sunshine Bench

 Classic Gretel
Gretel commemorative bench

Classic Ellipse
Classic Elipse Bench

Classic Derby
Derby commemorative bench


Classic Settle
Settle memorial bench

Classic Double Seat
Double seat



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